Wrap Yourself in Comfort

2021, 24″ x 47 x 48,” wood, hardware, handwoven cotton, acrylic, wool

In the beginning of the pandemic I had been spending the majority of time at home with a loom, rarely leaving the house or traveling. This lead me to increasingly think about how we comfort and protect ourselves.

This tarp is woven from collected fibers into a small throw blanket. The area I live in the Dixie Alley is often affected by storms and frequent damage to houses are met with tarps as a temporary solution.

Only Fragmentary Reminders, 2021, 92″ x 70″ x .25,” handwoven cotton and various fibers

This piece is living fabric that functions as a wall hanging and rug. It continues to grow through additions of found fibers: loom waste, broken blind cord, shopping bag handles, remnant yarn and excess thread from hems.

A Temporary Fix in Progress, 2021, 80″ x 112″ x .5,” cast handmade cotton paper, hardware

Installation/Deinstallation. The history of the gallery walls are visible through the layers of spackle, paint and holes. Placement of the cast house siding both highlights and hides the labor from previous exhibited work.