Two-Dimensional Design

Line Project

This is an introduction to balance and various types of line. The use of line is used to suggest emotions: Anxiety, Empathy, Persistence and Closure.

Figure Ground Project

This project introduces scale, proportion and shape through type. The negative shapes are used to create a paired nonobjective composition.

Space Value Project

This project introduces value to reinforce the illusion of space in one and two point perspective drawings.

Texture Pattern Transformation Project

This project deconstructs a detailed visual texture to a stylized and simplified pattern while using rhythm.

Changing Still Life Project

Color theory is introduced through the stages of a changing still life. Light and local color is observed. Primary and white paints are used to tint, shade and neutralize.

Color Scheme Project

The applications of color schemes, Monochromatic, Analogous, Split-Complement and Quadratic, are used for the different panels. The Pantone base color of the project is determined by Colorstrology’s birthdates.

Movement Project

This project explores how color can heighten the sense of movement and energy in compositions.